Final Call - S/T 12” EP


Clear w/ Black & Gold Splatter

Final Call is a hard-hitting 5-piece street punk and Oi! band with hardcore influences. Based out of the San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles and featuring members of the Hardknocks, Vis Vires, and Down For Life, this outfit has had more than a decade of writing, recording, and playing together in various projects. Drawing on influences of classic American Oi! bands such as The Bruisers, Anti-Heros, and Whiskey Rebels, expect a heavy, yet melodic and anthemic feel to this self-titled first release from Final Call.

Side A:
1. Divided We Fall
2. Hell And Back
3. Marching Through The Storm

Side B:
4. Nobody’s Fool
5. Hypocrisy
6. Wrong Side Of The Story